Using The Best Clayton Heating And Cooling Technicians

Using The Best Clayton Heating And Cooling Technicians
Times have changed from the days of old when heat was produced in homes with gravity fed Clayton heating systems. These systems used holes cut and finished in the floor to let the heat rise to the rooms. This was the most efficient way to heat a home back then but crude at best. Today, there are furnaces that are so efficient that they need only a plastic pipe to vent carbon monoxide and unused heat out the side of the home.

Technology has been driving the heating industry for many years now with new circuitry and control panels for high efficiency furnaces of today. There are many ways to find what is available to use this technology to your advantage. Having your heating system and air conditioning system replaced is a start. Having units upgraded to 90% efficiency will keep the heat going in your home and not out the chimney.

Other examples of the technology that is used in thermostats in Clayton heating that control the heat and cool in the home are very important. Programming your heat exchanger for startup and shutdown at regular intervals when not at home or are asleep can greatly reduce the run time of these vital units in the home. This is done by sensors installed in key areas of the air handler to ensure proper temperature coming out of the heat exchanger. Also when installing the thermostat make sure it is only as far as the next room over. This has to do with the thermostats having to be hard wired to the air handler unit itself.

Finding a reputable Clayton heating installer should not be hard to find if you live in a largely populated area but it could be difficult because of the amount of HVAC technicians that have been trained in this field. With the amount of new homes being built and families upgrading their existing units, the yellow pages list hundreds of companies that have this service available. There is still a demand for skilled individuals in this area and companies are hiring when qualified technicians come right out of training.

One thing to look at in your air exchanger is what the warranty includes both on your existing unit and the new one you are looking to have installed. This should be for a specified length of time, and the heating and cooling units should last and could save you some cash if something happens during the guarantee period.

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