Home School Training

Home School Training

We are aware of a few home school training programs around the country held mostly at junior colleges. Some are more of a study outline where you meet for a few hours initially, then go do the homework they tell you to do, then reconvene in 3-4 weeks for a few more hours to discuss what you learned.  There are also correspondence courses to be taken.  But to be frank, we feel it would be a shame not to read some of the great books out today on homeschooling.

You can first learn about all the methods of homeschooling to decide on which style of teaching you want to follow.  This is an important first step because it will determine the path you take next to source out the materials you will need and how to go about planning out your curriculum.  Some methods are fairly rigid in their structure, calling for a strict adherence to course guidelines as to which subjects to teach and when.  Classical homeschooling would be the obvious example of this.

Some people think this type of teaching is too much like a classroom schedule and call it public school without the schoolhouse.  We don't favor any particular method, figuring it's really up to each individual parent to decide what is best for them and their children.  But you also must know that State and local laws can dictate some of your teaching basics.  Some areas are pretty loose on what is taught, backing off on the Big Brother concept of governance.  While others have regulations in place that require you to teach certain subjects, test out your students on a regular basis or get your course outline approved each year.  With the stricter States, you may not have quite as much leeway on how you conduct your homeschooling classes, but you will still be way ahead of public schools in that you will still have one-on-one instruction, no peer pressure, no long commutes on buses, no taunting by other children, no long daily separation from your child and some control (if not all) on what they will be learning.  Homeschooling will still have the advantage over public education even in the stricter parts of the country.

Some people will think they need special home school training before attempting to teach their children at home.  We believe if you read some books on it, check out some of the Web forums on the subject of homeschooling and perhaps contact a local support group, you may gain the confidence to know you can do this.  After all, it's your kid.  Haven't you been teaching him everything since he was born?  You're a natural!  Go for it!

A J Adams has had a keen interest in home schooling for a number of years. With several public school teachers in his family, he has had many discussions regarding current school problems. He's heard many suggestions, one of which was the growing number of children being home schooled. After a thorough period of research, he decided to write an article about home school training. He will be submitting more in future articles. Mr. Adams also owns and maintains a website with his wife at http://www.elementary-home-schools.com where you can get a free 10-part mini-course on homeschooling and watch a touching video made by a young man to thank his mother for her many years of homeschooling him.

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Great iPhone App Reviews for Kids Educational Development

Great iPhone App Reviews for Kids Educational Development

If your kids love mobile gaming then you should check out the latest iPhone app reviews.  These reviews will cover the best games and apps on the market. They will help you find those apps that are not only fun but can also assist kids with their educational development.

Benefits for Kids

iPhone apps and games for kids can be a controversial topic.  Some people think children are now growing up to be too reliant on computer devices.  However there has been plenty of research on the issue of apps and computer games.  In moderation these have been proven to be very useful ways for kids to diversify their learning and develop important skills for their future.

? iPhone games can be a great way to help kids to focus. They will have to pay close attention to what is going on in order to play the game.  This can be very calming and can help develop concentration skills.

? Many iPhone games have in-built rewards as you progress.  This could be in the form of points or new in-game prizes.

? Rewards can be very satisfying for children and can give them a real sense of achievement.  This can build confidence and help children learn how to work towards goals.

iPhone App Reviews

You can find some great iPhone app reviews online.  These list some of the best apps and games available that are suitable for kids:

? Cyclemeter – many children love keeping fit.  There have been some great iPhone app reviews for the GPS Cyclemeter.  This provides children with a way to track how far they have cycled (also works for walking, running and skating) and work towards fitness goals.  This can also be useful for children that need to lose weight and are finding it hard to stick to their health goals.

? Cut the Rope – this fun app features a cute little monster called Om Nom.  You need to work through puzzles to help Om Nom out and this is an enjoyable way for kids to put their brains to use.

? Icebreaker Hockey™ - kids can work on their eye-hand coordination with this great app game.  You will need to work hard to score shots on the ice and avoid your opponents.

iPhone app reviewscan help you discover the best apps available for kids.  This includes a wide range of fun games and also some great educational apps to assist with learning and health.

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The Benefit of Audio-Visual Education for Kids

The Benefit of Audio-Visual Education for Kids

Audio-visual education teaches the senses of sight and hearing to support the learning process.  The motion pictures and visual aids are used as a medium of instruction, thus it improves the learning experience. In the early times, the materials used for audio visual were limited to maps, graphs, textbook, illustrations, museum and field trips. However, now it has covered the photographic, film industries, radio, computer and television also. Television is not only for exhibiting visuals, but is also a self-governing and whole educational institution like a school. This type of education consists of computer and other kinds of audio-visual education providing machines.

In 1967, the Public Broadcasting Act was set up the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It was a self-governing agency responsible for the allocation and support of educational television programs.

The beginning of multimedia computer programs has made learning elementary and it gives the capability to students to participate in the arrangement of their own equipments and learning programs. With the help of many studies it has been proved that we are mesmerized towards audio-visual medium and it leaves a great effect on us. It has also been found that when kids come across audio-visual mode of learning, they catch the things fast and it also creates curiosity in them. Visual experience is more effective and stays in mind than aural experience of education.

Some kids keep everything in mind best materials when they have seen; some remember things that they have heard while others remember things which they have experienced. However, the mixture of all the things results in a much successful way. Most of the schools now use audio-visual technology as much as possible to teach the kids in a better way. The audio-visual based education is used in schools from quite a long time, but in the form of a Television or video player to explain short films that are based on education. Presently, it is the computer that shows such educational films and almost all of the assignments are now being done on computers. Audio Visual Devices help the teacher to clarify, set up, co-relate and organize exact concepts, interpretations, and appreciation and is a great help both for the teachers and students.

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