Educational Toys For Kids

Educational Toys For Kids
Whats the best thing anyone can buy for a child? Real educational toys. None of these flashing lights and bleeping bits of brittle plastic, which generally fall apart or get consigned to the mound of boredom after a few weeks. Were talking the real deal, old school but new quality: soft toys, too, all that good stuff that we somehow managed to forget about in an avalanche of movie tie ins and goodness knows what else.

Fortunately for our children, some online toys emporiums have been quietly going about the business of collecting a load of real quality, learning and fun toy items on our behalf. With the Internet entering its true maturity, stock handling and online shopping has become a much more robust and safe thing than it used to be and that means a huge quantity of variety and choice, with a lot of real quality thrown in. Educational toys, for example, have made a huge comeback thanks to these sites, which promote the old classics in new form. Mostly, the companies that make these toys havent changed: parents will recognise the same logos and company names that adorned their own favourite train sets and building blocks when they were kids, a guarantee of quality if ever there was one. The same goes for soft toys. Online toys are taking our children back to our roots and they are finally getting a taste of the best kind of play.

Though the major manufacturers would disagree (or at least they would have done until the educational toys and soft toys renaissance of recent years), the best toy is the simplest toy. Kids are not old enough to appreciate whatever subtleties might be claimed to lie in a bio-weaponed intergalactic death robot no matter how many batteries are included with it. What kids want, what they really really want, is a funny shaped block, and a funny shaped hole to fit it in. Seriously. Think back to the toys you actually remember from being a child. Two guarantees: there will be some soft toys in there, and some educational toys. And thats probably that.

Theres a pretty simple and obvious reason for this. Simple toys are engaging. They awaken curiosity, they teach children things about the world, about space and shapes and objects and coordination. Sites selling online toys have come to realise this. When you look around the net for quality kids toys these days, around half of them are classics tried and tested retro toy formulas, often still made by the same people that made them when you had them. Theyre just shinier and a bit more slick looking than they used to be.

Three rousing cheers for every online toy emporium that has shifted educational toys and soft toys up the ladder to the top of the market. Just as we did, all those years ago, when we unwrapped that funny wooden box with all the different shaped holes in it, and spent months trying to put the blocks in all of those openings now our kids get to have the same feeling. And they will remember it.

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