Value of Sex Education in India for Kids

Value of Sex Education in India for Kids

Sex education for kids is an obvious for a country like India. Sex education in India has been neglected for years and now this is high time that we all become conscious and start spreading consciousness about sex education properly. Going for sex education is a must for in a country where family planning has been neglected for generations.  Let us at some of the main reasons for going for sex education in India,

The need for family planning in India is very high. As the birth control measures are unknown to most of the couples in India the problem for population has come up. So we need to go for a proper sex education that they can take birth control measures,
Lack of sex education in India has made them top in the list of the sexually transmuted diseases like AIDS so this is high time and we need to start it now and that too in every level of the society,
Sex education for kids has come to be very important for India as cases of abortion for 13-14 years old girls have come up to be very high. This is obviously a result of indulging into sexual activities without thinking of the after-effects. They even don’t know that they can never be a mother even for this mistake.
For those who are still thinking must know that if we are giving them sex education they will make the society at large get the same education and the need for safe sex will be there.
Impotence is a very common male sexual problem but often in India females are suffering for this. they don’t get treated even,
For many other diseases than impotence the symptoms stay unknown to them and they don’t even go for curing the problem. Once they are aware of the fact that this is a disease they will be able to face it properly.

This way sex education for kids is obviously needed in India. Sex education in India is obvious for the control of population. Those who are considering this to be not needed still now must consider taking a look at the society at large to get the right decision. This will help the society at large and make us grow like a strong country and even we will be able to fight with sexually transmuted diseases in a better way for sure.

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