Parent's Education Is Required For The Kids Education

Parent's Education Is Required For The Kids Education

The criteria of getting knowledge starts from first day of our life. Child is just like a plant which requires nourishment as it grows old. As plant needs sunlight to grow, children also need right path which is given by their parents.  The parents are the first and foremost master and motivating spirit for the children. The parents shape up the thoughts, feelings and ideas of their children. But the task of parenting isn’t as easy as it require lots of attention and effort. If the parents can become the best friends of their children, than the task of parenting becomes easy.

Now a day’s parents should be highly qualified to give a better upbringing and better education to the child. When a child is in the mother’s womb, they doesn’t know how to breathe. But the moment the child takes birth, starts breathing.  In a child’s life every day is a learning day and every moment is a learning moment.

Thus home is the first school for a child and parents are the biggest ‘gurus’ ever. Starting from identifying the objects till uttering its first word, a child learns everything from its parents and family members. They are the bundle of knowledge for them. After a kid learns the basic things of life, they are sent for formal education in pre schools or play schools. As we are human beings, we require social interactions as well. School is the best place where we can learn this art. There we interact with new people, make friends, come to know new things and that’s why we call it an educational institute.

Parents are required to be educated as they are the one who impart basic knowledge to the children. There are many parent education networks just to help the parents to confront the challenges in raising the child. This mission of parent education network is existing since 1974.  Parent Education Network is a non-profit, registered charity which was formed in 1974 by a grass roots community group in West Toronto.  Since then parent Education Network rises gradually over time.

Parent education network provides parent education and it fosters mutual respect, encouragement and progress of maturity and self-control. The main objective behind the parent’s good qualification is that they can improve verbal and non-verbal communication in the home. They can also assist children in developing the skills of self-management, maturity through cooperation, responsibility, independence, and courage.  Same time they will get the ability to judge the school whether it is good for their children or not.

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