Kids Education Is In High Demand

Kids Education Is In High Demand

With over a billion people, the cities in India are bursting at the seams. The basic necessities of urban life have dropped to a low and the need for food, housing, hospitals and schools are in immensely short supply. Parents across the country have felt the demand for good to be of prime importance to not only because they want to give their children the best educational opportunities but also because during admissions, schools get filled up and the rate at which new schools are coming up doesn't match with the number of children that need to go to school but have got admission because there are no more schools left to take them in.

This is the sad state of affairs in the Indian schools. Though there are a number of schools across the country, the problem is that not all these are begin with nursery. Some of them are from class 1 to 5, while others are still building more classes to their existing school infrastructure.

This has led the majority of parents to flock to schools that are complete i.e schools that have classes from nursery to class 12, so that they don't have to be on the look out for continuation schools.

Most of the Indian schools that start from Class-I are limited in their intake which makes admissions a competitive process. Also, another hindering factor is that the income group, to which the parents belong to, restricts parents to try only for such schools. Unfortunately there is an even greater shortage of good, competent pre-primary schools from the vast number of Pre-primary, Primary, High and Boarding/Day Boarding Schools.Despite all these factors, good schools still seem to be in high demand. Parents at times do tend to apply to schools even if they feel they may not be able to afford the fee.

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