The Importance of Homework in a Kid?s Education

The Importance of Homework in a Kid?s Education
Monday to Friday, homework hours: 2 hours. Sunday: 4 hours. The homework schedule gave me nightmares all through my school life. Irritating used to be the word when my teachers used to start giving homework, one after another. I used to think I was the only kid who showed his reluctance towards homework, but later one day when I asked my fellow friends, I found that even they hate it the same way I do. I was relaxed because now I was convinced with the fact that homework really was boring activity.

Homework perhaps is one of the activities that are hated by most of the children. It is almost a routine work for every child to complete their homework for the next day as soon as they come back home from the school. Since they are children, they do not understand the positive side of doing homework.

Homework is vital because it is a connection of study between home and school.
It provides as a window for the parents with the help of which they can keep a watch on their kid’s education and express helpful attitudes towards their kids and their education. As kids grow older, with that passage of time, homework and the time that they provide for homework increases. For teachers and administrators, homework is an effective way to provide instructions to the students in an additional way.

Though, students find homework a very boring practice but it helps them to get polished. The famous phrase “practice makes a man perfect” goes well with this context. It has been proved that homework improves a child’s achievements. It also keeps the children in a routine work. The daily homework given by the teachers in school helps them to recapitulate what they have studied the entire day. It helps the parents as well to keep a track over their childrens’ studies and also to judge the school, whether the teachers are taking good care of their kid’s education or not. It in a way also teaches the children the sense of time management. Many times, children fail to catch what their teachers teach them at the classrooms. When they are given the same exercise to practice at home, they find it easier to catch it.

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